Mexico Insurance

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Auto Insurance
Our clients who cross the U.S. Border and drive their vehicles into Mexico need quality Mexico auto insurance. Via our secure quote systems, you can obtain coverage in minutes. Without Mexico auto insurance, you will have no protection in the event of an accident. Consider the difficulty of filing a claim with a US insurer while in Mexico? What kind of assistance are you going to get? How will the insured get the vehicle back so that the claim can be adjusted? Moreover, the Mexican and US legal systems are different. If you were to deal with an authority after a claim, what support can a US insurer provide? The answer is none, but a Mexico policy is equipped to deal with all of these situations and ensure that our clients are properly covered while in Mexico.

Watercraft Insurance
We offer low rate online insurance coverage for watercraft, including boats and jet skis. If you have toys, then making sure you covered on the water is just as important as covering your car or home.

Homeowners insurance
There are thousands of Americans and Canadians who own or rent homes and condos in Mexico each year. You’ll want coverage you can trust. We make it easy to protect your home in the case of an accident. Being able to purchase insurance through our online site makes safe travel convenient.

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